Sample of Safety Plan

In addition to Client's HSE requirements described in Tender Documents, the following Safe Work Requirements shall be enforced for all personnel and crew in field investigation.

• This written safe work procedure covers all personnel engaged in a drilling program, including all types from motorized auger, RC rigs, Diamond coring rigs and multi-purpose drill.
• The field party chief is required to see that the procedure below is followed by all field personnel of ESPEER.
• The field's personnel of ESPEER shall observe the following safe work regulations:
1. All personnel, crew and equipment must have the relevant statutory licenses and registration, Insurance, etc.
2. These must be adequate spares, consumables and equipment available to allow the job to continue without delays.
3. The party chief, the project manager, or any authorized ESPEER representative has the right to shut down the operation if he deems it to be unsafe.
4. All rig crew must know how to conduct an emergency shut down of the rig.
5. All rig crew must wear personal protective equipment including hard hats, gloves, etc.
6. Appropriate safety signage is placed in clear view for all to see around the drilling operation.
7. All drill consumable/additives must be environmentally friendly or are handled in such a way as to avoid release into the environment. Special precautions must be taken when drilling hazardous material.
8. Material safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are supplied by the company and must be made available by the party chief for all the chemicals used on the drill rig.
9. All safety related incidents, including near misses, must be reported to party chief who will include it in his daily report.
10. Every member of field personnel and crew must be able to carry out his duties in a safe and competent manner.
11. Every member of field personnel and crew must have a satisfactory track record of safe work.
12. The party chief shall nominate one person to be the senior driller or drill supervisor.
13. The chief and the drill supervisor must operate a satisfactory roster to manage crew fatigue this should be no more than 6 weeks work with a minimum of one week break at home base.